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Metallco Aluminium AS was founded in 1992

We are fully owned by Metallco Oppland AS.

We produce the most common secondary aluminium foundry alloys from aluminium scrap.

The scrap comes from recircling points, scrapyards and chips and clippings from  fabricating of aluminium parts.

Our capacity is today about 20.000 tons pr year of foundry alloys and 5000 tons of tolled scrap.

Our main marked is Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

We are about 25 employees today. Production is normally running on 4 - shift.

Security is very important issue for us. Therefor all employees have to undergo a long training programme before they are fit for doing the melting job by us.

Environmental: A large bags filter is installed. We burn out our exhaust gases and then treat them with different chemicals to avoid any outlets to the environment.